Engineered Self-Healing Cementitious Composites

Inventors: V.C. Li and E.H. Yang
US Patent No. 7,572,501
Issued in August 2009

Performance Targets:

  • Self Healing for regaining transport and mechanical properties of ECC after damage for enhancing the service life and reducing maintenance costs of infrastructure


  • Bridge decks, pavements, infrastructure in highly corrosive environments

Suggested Key Words: Cementitious Composites, Cement, Self Healing

Abstract: Cementitious composites engineered for self-healing, combining self-controlled tight crack width and extreme tensile ductility. Self-healing takes place automatically at cracked locations without external intervention. In the exemplary embodiment, fiber-reinforced cementitious composites with self-controlled tight crack width less than 50µm and tensile ductility more than 2% are prepared. Self-healing in terms of mechanical and transport properties recovery of predamaged (by pre-cracking) composite is revealed in a variety of environmental exposures, include wetting and drying cycles, water permeation, and chloride submersion.