Media Coverage

TV Coverage/Documentaries:

Transforming How Things Are Made – Xploration Earth 2050
This bridge in Washington, D.C. is disintegrating – CNN
America’s Failing Infrastructure – CBS
Bendable Concrete: It sounds unimaginable! – Discovery Channel
Modern Marvels: Concrete – History Channel
Out of the blue: The Michigan Difference – Big Ten Network
Cyber Infrastructure in a Concrete World – UM News Media
Self-healing Concrete Research at ACE-MRL – UM News Media & American Ceramic Society

Print Media:

Bendable concrete, with a design inspired by seashells, can make US infrastructure safer and more durable – The Conversation
What if Concrete Can Be Made Ductile? – STRUCTURE Magazine, December 2013
Biegsamer Beton – Spektrum Der Wissenchaft, Germany
Du béton Flexible – Pour la Science, France
What awaits us in Concrete Technology in the next 100 years? – Noticreto Magazine, Columbia
Self repairing concrete may crack the problem – The Sunday Times
Self-Healing Concrete can make repairs a thing of the past – Seattle DJC Newspaper
What’s Next: Infrastructure – Metropolismag
Renovating American Infrastructure: Concrete that senses cracks and heals on its own – Popsci
World Changing Ideas – Forbes
Self Healing Concrete – The American Ceramic Society
Bend but Don’t Break – Progressive Engineer
Bendable Concrete Repairs its own Cracks – ASCE Magazine, July 2009
Concrete: The Next Generation – Construction Digital, June 2009
Self Healing Concrete could Toughen Infrastructure – University of Michigan Homepage
Self-healing Concrete for Safer, More-Durable Infrastructure – University of Michigan News
UM experts develop Self Healing Concrete – Softpedia Sci Pry
Self Healing Concrete is hundreds of times stronger – Yahoo! Green
Self-healing Concrete Makes Safer, More-Durable Infrastructure – US News Science Section
Bendable Concrete Heals Itself – Just Add Water – National Geographic News
Bendable Concrete – Neatorama
Oriental Daily
Self-Healing Concrete Makes A Better Infrastructure – redOrbit
Self-healing Concrete for Safer, More-Durable Infrastructure – EurekAlert
Self-healing Concrete for Safer, More-Durable Infrastructure – Science Daily
Self-healing concrete repairs cracks, maintains strength – Material Matters, June 2009
Self-healing Concrete for Safer, More-Durable Infrastructure – Michigan Daily News
Smart Flexible Cement – Smart Economy
Engineered Cementitious Composite May Replace Bridge Deck Joints – MDOT Research Spotlight
8 Innovations That Will Rock Your Next Concrete Project – Concrete Technology
Bendable Concrete provides Insight into Sustainable Material Development Process – MDOT Office of Research and National Best Practices
Bend but Don’t Break – Design News
Chinese News
Bendable Concrete Replaces Bridge Expansion Joints – Portland Cement Association (PCA)
10 Tech Concepts You Need to Know for 2007 – Popular Mechanics Magazine
Architectural Record 2006 Product Report Winners
Bendable Concrete Minimizes Cracking and Fracture Problem – MRS Bulletin
An Engineer’s Dream – Concrete Producer
Bendable Concrete Gains Ground – Materials World
Shape of the Material World – Construction Weekly (ENR)
Concrete Repair Bulletin (ICRI)
Ductile Concrete for Structures – Structure Magazine
Bridge Decks Going Jointless – MDOT Research Record
Unique Ductile Concrete Installed on Bridge – Material Performance
Non-Brittle Concrete – Concrete Engineering International
Concrete’s future looks lighter, greener – Christian Science Monitor
It Bends, But It Doesn’t Break – ScienCentralNews
Engineering set for smart revolution –
Concrete’s future looks lighter, greener – USA today
UM Team develops Bendable Concrete – Ann Arbor News
Concrete Gets Flexible – Discover Magazine
Flexible Concrete Tested on Bridge Deck – Civil Engineering Magazine
Researchers Make Bendable Concrete –