ACE-MRL Philosophy

Education Through Research:  Student involvement in research projects forms an integral part of their training for their advanced degrees, and as part of their preparation to join the work force.

Interdisciplinary Research:  ACE-MRL team members have backgrounds in structural engineering, composite design, concrete technology, material science, applied mechanics, and environmental science and engineering.

Combined Analytical and Experimental Approach:  ACE-MRL searches for optimal, high-impact, technologically-relevant solutions to complex problems, using combined analytical and experimental approaches synergistically.

Integrated Materials-Infrastructure-Environment Design Approach:  ACE-MRL connects materials design with structural and environmental performance, in order to drive infrastructure sustainability via nano- and micro-structure control.

Partnership with Industry:  ACE-MRL is experienced in working with a broad range of industrial concerns and often serves as a technological/development bridge for adjacent allied industrial partners. These partners include basic materials suppliers, product manufacturers, and end-users in the building, construction, transportation, water, and energy industries.

National and International Collaborations:  ACE-MRL collaborates with leading research institutions in the US, Europe and Asia.