Sprayable Strain Hardening Brittle Matrix Composites with Fire-Resistance and High Ductility

Inventors: V.C. Li and Q. Zhang
US patent No. 9,260,347
Issued on February 16, 2016

Performance Targets:

  • Sprayable
  • High integrity and durability in steel frame building
  • Delay in temperature rise of steel


  • Protection of steel frame building against fire hazard


Suggested Key Words: Spray; fire-resistive material, low thermal conductivity; steel protection

AbstractThe objective of this invention is to develop a new class of high-performance fiber reinforced cement-based composites that possess very low thermal conductivity and high tensile ductility. Presently there are cement-based materials that separately possess very low thermal conductivity (conventional spray-applied fire-resistive materials) or high tensile ductility (engineered cementitious composites), however, there is no material that possesses both properties. This invention concerns a newly developed composite material with composition that leads to a combination of low thermal conductivity and high ductility. The material claimed herein presents a unique opportunity of more durable fire protection for steel structures and enhanced safety of steel structures under multi-hazard such as impact/earthquakes followed by fire.