Construction Productivity


Materials play an important role in enhancing construction productivity. A good example is the development and adoption of self-compacting concrete in a number of construction projects in Japan and in Europe. Because of the self-compacting behavior, significant reduction in manual labor and increase in construction speed result.

Special versions of ECC are being developed at the ACE-MRL for different types of constriction practice. Desirable rheological control of the fresh properties is achieved by tailoring of polymer admixture to influence the cement particle-cement particle and cement particle-fiber interactions. The ACE-MRL has successfully developed technologies for spray processing, self-compacting processing and extrusion processing of ECC materials, along with different functional ECC materials, such as lightweight ECC, high early strength ECC.

Self-compacting ECC is particularly useful in complex from work, and can also be applied in horizontal casting or in thin-walled structures. Sprayable ECC is particularly useful in repair work of infrastructures, including tunnel or sewage conduit linings. Extrusion processing is most suitable for automated manufacturing of structural elements and products. Lightweight ECC gains favor in precast wall panel for seismic retrofit of building and seismic energy damper. High early strength ECC fits well for durable rapid repair and retrofit of existing infrastructures.